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3º. Happiness Principle - Never Lie

All the Lies you tell, will be Alive forever with you, until the last day of your life…

Every Lie opens several processes in your Sub-Conscience that stay opened consuming and reducing your mental capabilities: because your mind tries to keep the Real Truth Facts together with all the Lies that you have told to each person.

During the sleep, your Sub-Conscience tries to process your daily events and the opened processes such as the Lies… and if, one night, your Sub-Conscience decides that he is no longer capable of handling all the trash that you have created… you have a very, very serious problem: you will become mentally and emotionally dysfunctional, the road to irrationality and mental illnesses.

So, close your Lies Opened Processes: Tell to each person, the Real Truth.

And never, NEVER Lie again...

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Dr. Moreira da Costa, #FitiniEU

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